Grab & Go: Logan’s Espresso Cafe of North Boulder

Logans Espresso Cafe Simple Storefront

Introducing our first Grab & Go review.  These are short reviews to give you a quick impression of the coffee shop without having to read our full reviews. The grab & go review will be followed up with a full review in coming weeks.

Logan’s Espresso Cafe

Logans Espresso Cafe Simple StorefrontLogan’s Cafe is a place you might have walked by many times and never realized it was there.  In fact, it is located opposite Lucky’s Bakehouse and Creamery in North Boulder.

This coffeehouse has been around for 15-years and is locally owned which represents a dying breed of small businesses.   It proves you can do well by embracing your community, offering humble products, and sharing your passion.

Quick Feature Review:

Atmosphere and Seating:  A bit cramped on this inside, but clean and accessible.  Be ready to be intimate if it is busy.  From bar seating to tables (inside and outside), there is nothing wrong here.   We also LOVE the gorgeous local art on the walls by Girl Painters West. However, the artists rotate, so grab your favorite Girl Painters West painting soon.

Coffee/Espresso:  This is based on a single visit.  We both ordered drip coffees, so we can’t comment on the espresso.  While we asked for a light and dark roast, Logan explained they had one roast and it was right in the middle.  Fair enough.  The coffee was good.  Nice earthy tones, a solid brew, and decent flavors.  While it didn’t blow us away, we couldn’t come up with any faults.  We look forward to trying the espresso drinks on our next visit.

Food, Snacks, & Pastries: A decent selection of food items adorned a display cabinet. From baked goods like bagels and croissants to packages breakfast burritos, there is a good selection to let you get something different every time you visit.

We sampled the ham and cheese croissant and a raisin cinnamon bagel with cream cheese.  Both were good and the cream cheese was nicely chilled.  The ham and cheese croissant was flaky, buttery and had good flavor.  We just wish there was more ham and cheese. We were also handed a real knife for the cream cheese, a plus.

Is it a Friendly Bean?

Based on our initial impressions, there is a great foundation at Logan’s Espresso Cafe to be a community coffee shop that we love.  But, we can’t declare it a Friendly Bean based on one visit and without tasting the espresso drinks.  We will leave it with this:  the signs are good and we hope the final stretch to Friendly Bean is easy.

Logna's Espresso Cafe North BoulderLocation, Hours, Etc.

Logan’s Espresso Cafe
3980 Broadway St, #101
Boulder, CO 80304
P: 303.443.3600

Hours: Mon to Sat 6am -6pm & Sun 6:30am to 6pm

Visit their website here



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