Who Has the Best Breakfast Burritos Boulder?

The Best Breakfast Burritos Boulder

The breakfast burrito is profound.  Packed with flavor and nutrition in a convenient commuter friendly tortilla wrap, the breakfast burrito is essential to a busy life.

For years, our Founder has been obsessed with finding, and making, the ideal The Best Breakfast Burritos Boulderbreakfast burrito.  After spending many years in Santa Barbara, California and experiencing, mapping and rating its breakfast burrito scene, he has relocated to Boulder County, Colorado.  His obsession continues and the search for the best breakfast burritos Boulder begins.

What Makes a Perfect Breakfast Burrito?

What make an average breakfast burrito (BB) the best?  Well, the perfect BB comes from a variety of characteristics. These include:

  • Flavor – Monotone is not best.  The best has a flavor which keeps the customers taste buds interested.  Not only the combination of flavors, but also the how those flavors distribute throughout the burrito.   From a well blended, flavorful burrito to a chunky un-blended burrito with a new experience in every bite, flavor can come many ways.
  • Construction – Blending or chunky?  Tight or loose? Dry or wet?  The construction can greatly influence the eating experience.  A loose, wet, sloppy burrito is likely to fall apart midway and even leak out the bottom. A dry, well blended burrito can be too dry and hard. Let’s find the middle ground.
  • Slop – Let’s call it the amount of sauce.  Here in Colorado, the Chili Verde sauce reigns supreme.  Coloradans love their sauce.  Unfortunately, this sauce can make it too wet and too salty.  A good chili verde sauce is mouth watering, but should be added to a burrito to enhance it, not simply be there because it is Colorado.
  • Ingredient Ratio – Too much egg, too much onion, too much sauce.  Getting the proportions right is vital to a well structured, enjoyable burrito.  Whether the foundation is beans, eggs, or potatoes, we are looking for a complimentary amount of sauce, add-ins, and flavor.  No one really likes a potato burrito??

And so begins the journey to find the best breakfast burritos boulder.  From Boulder to Louisville to Lafayette and Longmont, the perfect breakfast burrito is out there.   We will find it.




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