Boulder County Coffee Shops

Boulder County Coffee Shops

One of our dedicated readers (we are shocked someone actually read our blog!), suggested we create a directory of coffee shops for Boulder County.  While we initially fainted and then started to ponder the difference between coffeehouse and coffee shop,  we ultimately thought it was a great idea!

So, here you go…. a list of coffee shops (or are they coffeehouses?) in Boulder County.  Sure, go to Yelp! if you want something fancy, but our humble beginnings tell us to keep it simple.  You will find the town, a link to the website and a link to our review (if it has been reviewed).

As always, please email us with positive motivation and respect if you find we are missing your favorite coffee place (shop or house?).  friendlybeansreviews -@-

Good luck!

  • Precision Pours – Louisville, CO
  • Logan’s Espresso Cafe – North Boulder, CO
  • Vic’s Coffee – Delo & Downtown Louisville, CO
  • East Simpson Coffee Co – Lafayette, CO
  • Cannon Mine Coffee – Lafayette, CO
  • Boxcar Coffee Roasters – Boulder, CO
  • Bittersweet Cafe & Confections – Louisville, CO
  • OZO Coffee – 2 locations in Boulder, CO
  • Proper Coffee – Lafayette, CO