Best Mocha in Boulder County

a classic mochaThe Mocha is the life blood of many. As Friendly Beans and Brews grows, we wanted to add a little excitement to the site.  For the FB&B staff, a good mocha at a stellar coffee shop is a treat we wake up for.  Yes there are countless other espresso drinks you might like better, not to mention the good old fashion drip, but we have to start somewhere. While Yelp is great, you can’t search by best mocha!

What Is a Mocha?

Before we get started, let’s clarify what a mocha is.  There are two types and it might be worth asking the barista/cashier to clarify which they serve before ordering.

  • Cafe Mocha – this mocha uses drip coffee as a base, hence the “cafe” portion.  It is really just steamed hot chocolate mixed with coffee.  It gives you a sweeter coffee taste with more earthy undertones.
  • Cafe Latte – perhaps a more popular version made famous by Starbucks. This version is espresso extracted from coffee beans and mixed with mocha/chocolate sauce and steamed milked.  Because it is espresso based, you get a much stronger bitterness to contrast with the sweetness of the of the chocolate.
  • If you would like to try your own hand at creating a mocha, here are a few recipes to get you inspired.  Otherwise, read on!

Mocha Rankings for Boulder, CO

Based on our reviews so far, here is a ranking of best to worst mocha in Boulder County, Colorado.  We will be updating as needed.  If you have some thoughts on this list, or want to share your own list, please send us a note (friendlybeansreviews -@- and be respectful.  (We reserve to trash any email that doesn’t respect the lines of profanity, decent English, and constructive criticism.)

  1. Moxie Bread Co – Louisville, CO (review coming soon) – Moxie’s Website
    1. By far the best we’ve had in Boulder County. Creamy, rich and delicate.  Even the small 8oz goes a long way.
  2. Sticks Coffee – Superior, CO (review coming soon)
    1. Nowhere near as creamy as Moxie’s, but a good contender.  We need a bit more chocolate/espresso balance.
  3. Brew Market Coffee / Espresso Vino – Lafayette, CO
    1. The bitterness overwhelmed us and we wished for more balance.
  4. Paul’s Coffee and Tea – Louisville, CO
    1. Weak chocolate with espresso which tasted a bit burnt.  Refinement needed.

Future Reviews Needed

We wanted to list a few shops we are eager to try but haven’t had time to yet.  As we review these coffee shops, we will add them here and rank them.

  • Precision Pours – Louisville, CO
  • Logan’s Espresso Cafe – North Boulder, CO
  • Vic’s Coffee – Delo & Downtown Louisville, CO
  • East Simpson Coffee Co – Lafayette, CO
  • Boxcar Coffee Roasters – Boulder, CO
  • Bittersweet Cafe & Confections – Louisville, CO
  • OZO Coffee – 2 locations in Boulder, CO
  • Proper Coffee – Lafayette, CO