Friendly Beans LogoFriendly Beans & Brews make us feel warm and fuzzy, help us to connect to our community, and provide a place to relax.   FB&B is a blog dedicated to the community, coffee and brews of Colorado.  We feature in-depth reviews of coffee houses, bakeries, breweries and other establishments who represent the Friendly Beans & Brews we seek.  In addition, we seek to share everything coffee and many related topics such as baking (pastries go with coffee), equipment and gear, and the beans & hops themselves.

As a coffee geek with years of experience not only as a coffee house patron, but as a coffee roaster and barista, Aric Monts-Homkey seeks to share his passion for the wonderful things which come from community, coffee beans and hops…  aka Friendly Beans & Brews.  Recently relocated to Boulder County, Colorado and actively exploring the coffee house and brewery scene, Aric will share his experiences as he searches for the best blend of coffee, brews and community.